About Our Programs

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Registration is held throughout the year, and new classes are regularly added to the schedule. Sometimes, students are able to enroll in a class on the same day they register (based on class availability). Other times, students are placed on a brief wait list, to begin class the following month.  
After registration, students are eligible to attend classes for the duration of the school year - typically until the end of May.  The fee paid by students upon registration covers all classes that the student takes during that time.  Materials are provided in most classes, though some may require a textbook.

Outreach Locations

The Literacy Council of Fort Bend County offers all class options at its main location: 12530 Emily Court, Sugar Land, 77478. We also partner with various sites around Fort Bend to offer some classes in other locations. Please contact the Literacy Council to confirm if the class you need is offered at your preferred location.

Basic Literacy: 1 x 1 Tutoring in Reading, Writing, or Math

Basic Literacy tutoring is for the adult student who is not yet reading, writing, or computating at a functional level. "BL" students register and complete a pre-test to highlight their incoming skills before being placed on a Wait List until a 1 x 1 tutor is matched. Tutors are matched based on the student's needs and availability. Once matched, the pair meets to improve basic education skills for about three hours each week. 

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The ESL program emphasizes skill development in English reading, writing, and speaking. Typically, ESL students enroll in three classes: ESL Instruction, Reading & Writing practice, and Conversation. Classes are offered in morning, afternoon, and evening hours. Classes are grouped by ESL level, 0 - 5. Students progress through levels at their own pace. 

High School Equivalency Preparation

Did you know that there are three High School Equivalency options available in Texas?  Students who have not earned a High School Diploma have the option of signing up for the GED, TASC, or HiSET Exam. The Literacy Council will provide an overview of these three tests while specifically preparing students for the GED. GED classes meet two days per week to improve skills in English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science. Classes are offered at different levels based on students' incoming skills. Classes run for the full academic year. GED enrollment is closed for the current academic year.

Basic Computer Skills

Classes in Basic Computer Skills  cover an introduction to personal computer use, including PC hardware and software, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, navigating the Internet, and email. 

U.S. Citizenship Preparation

Citizenship classes are ideal for the student who is preparing to apply, or has recently applied, for U.S. citizenship. Classes focus on American history, civics, and the English language. Classes are offered during the full academic year.