Dear Friends,

It has been an eventful year for the Literacy Council of Fort Bend County and the Greater Houston area. Hurricane Harvey ushered in this academic year bringing much devastation in its wake. Physically, the Literacy Council fared well, but the effects on our community, students, volunteers, staff and stakeholders have brought challenges. With your support, we have continued to provide and to improve upon our programs. We are inspired by our self-motivated adult students who work to rise above adversity.

This year we celebrated Aida becoming an American Citizen. Aida immigrated to America in 2011. Because of her limited English, she went from being a successful and independent business woman in her country, to needing help with basic day-to-day things upon arriving here. This isolated from her new community. Determined to learn English and to become a citizen, Aida enrolled at the Literacy Council in 2015 to study. In 3 short years, Aida has graduated from the Council’s English as a Second Language (ESL) program and has become an American citizen. Now Aida volunteer tutors as a gift back to the Literacy Council and to her peers. She’s committed to helping others just as she was helped.

As we close the 2018 Fiscal Year, please consider a Gift of Literacy to help our many adult students meet their goals. Our students come from all walks of life with a common goal – to improve their lives through education and to become productive members of the community. You can help us make this happen. We have been helping the community for 31 years, and we see results daily in the lives of our students.

Will you to help us spread the word, to shine the light on the Literacy Council of Fort Bend County?

1. Share a link to our website on Facebook or via email, asking your friends to read, learn, and join you in supporting the cause.

2. Send a donation today, either online at Gift of Literacy or by mail to 12530 Emily Court, Sugar Land, TX 77478.

Thank you for your past support and for any future support you may be able to provide.

Changing lives every day,

Kelli B. Metzenthin
Executive Director