Celebrating 30 Years of Changing Lives Through Literacy

Dear Friends,

The ability to help a neighbor is powerful. 

For 30 years, the Literacy Council of Fort Bend County has been changing lives through literacy.  For 30 years, volunteer tutors have given their time and resources to help our neighbors.  Right here in Fort Bend County, students learn to speak English, obtain their GED, prepare for the US Citizenship examination, improve their Basic Literacy, and Computer Literacy. 

Each year, our volunteer tutors give more than 13,000 service hours to help change lives.  If calculated based on the current private tutor rate of $50 per hour, that’s more than $650,000 of time invested in helping our fellow neighbors.  

On any day, at the Literacy Council of Fort Bend County’s Sugar Land Learning Center, you will find classrooms filled with women and men working together to overcome road blocks, break down barriers, and build the strength to become stronger more active members of our community.

Our volunteers change lives every day.  Your Gift of Literacy changes lives every day too!  Your financial support means we can provide adult literacy programs to those who need them at minimal cost.

We invite you to be a part of our efforts with the Gift of Literacy.  It costs the Literacy Council of Fort Bend County $380 per student to provide programming and supplies for an entire year.  That’s less than $2 a day.  Your gift would go a long way in changing the life of an adult who wants to be a better parent employee and community member. 

Be a part of continuing the work to Change Lives in Fort Bend County!

Will you to help us spread the word, to shine the light on the Literacy Council of Fort Bend County?

1.  Share a link to our website on Facebook or via email, asking your friends to read, learn, and join you in supporting the cause.

2.  Make a donation today, by clicking on the Gift of Literacy button at the top of the page.

 Your help means a great deal to us and to those we serve. Thank you for being part of our mission of changing lives through literacy.

Changing lives every day,

Kelli B. Metzenthin
Executive Director