9th Annual Bee Both Logos.jpg

9th Annual Great Grown- Up Spelling Bee, presented by
CenterPoint Energy and
Houston Federal Credit Union
held on Thursday,  September 20, 2018
at Quail Valley City Centre
Co-Chaired By: Emily Rhodes & David Timmermeyer

2018 Spelling Bee Winners - Houston Methodist Stellar Spellers

2018 Spelling Bee Winners - Houston Methodist Stellar Spellers

Twenty teams competed to win a spot in the coveted Honey Hall of Fame
and a bobble head bee trophy– all in honor of the Literacy Council of
Fort Bend County and in celebration of National Literacy Awareness Month. 
Houston Methodist Stellar Spellers, sponsored by Houston Methodist
Hospital Sugar Land were the winners of the 2018 Great Grown-Up Spelling Bee.



Spelling Bee Sponsors and Underwriters


Benes ERA Realty
C & M Favre Foundation
CenterPoint Energy
Costello Inc.
Exchange Club of Fort Bend
Fort Bend County Judge Bob and Pat Hebert
Fort Bend Herald
Fort Bend Independent School District
Frost Bank
Houston Federal Credit Union
Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital
Memorial Hermann Sugar Land
Rangeland Energy
Roberta K. Randall Charitable Foundation
Roberts Markel Weinberg Butler Hailey PC
Varun Gupta
Wells Fargo
WJ Interests & McDonald Wessendorf Insurance

Interested in competing in 2018?  
Please contact Events Coordinator, Alex Sanchez


2018 A-Bee-C

A - Absolutely Focus Media
A - Roberta K. Randall Charitable Foundation
B - Sonal Bhuchar
B - Raleigh and Camille Brewer
D - Dee Koch
E - C & M Favre Foundation
E- Cookie Joe's Dancin' School (Cookie Joe)
E - Earl Metzenthin
E - Emily Rhodes
F- Farha Ahmed
F - Helen Bow and Stephen Davis
F - Liz and Bob Furman
G - Glenn Grimes
H - The Hickl Family
H - Paul and Gena Horak
H - Doug and Ava Humme
I - Lee Ivey, Jr.
J - Julie Horak
J - Kaitlyn and Ali Johnson
J - Mary Jackson
K- Jack Bennett
K - Karla Arjona
L - Loper Family
L - Lowe Family
L - LC Floral Designs

2018 A-Bee-C

M - Rep. Rick Miller
M - The Miles Family
N - Nilou Iken
O - Bob and Jane O'Dell
O - C & M Favre Foundation
P - Whitley Penn
Q - Quynh-Anh McMahan
R - Lolita Robles
R - Rosemary Jones
R - Ruth Anne Mefford
S - Chris and Heather Scantlin
S - Si Environmental
S - Stratton Family
T - Tallas Insurance
T - Tave Family
T - Teri Grimes
U - Suzanne Mottin
V- Ashley and Jim Van Hoozer
W - Troy Weatherford
W - Joe & Kirin Wells
W - Whitley Penn
W - Wolfpack
Y - Bridget Yeung
X - Connie Webb
Z - C & M Favre Foundation

Z - Mayor Joe and Nancy Zimmerman


Tax Tech -
Busy Bee Practice Bee
Memorial Hermann Sugar Land - Honey Bee
Allen Boone Humphries Robinson LLP - Milk & Honey Underwriter
City of Richmond - Honey Comb Underwriter
Hello Beautiful Blow Dry & Make Up Bar - Honey Comb Underwriter
Jim McClellan - HoneyComb Underwriter
Judge David and Shayne Newell - Notepad Underwriter
Liquid Frameworks - Hive Dive  Underwriter
RVOS Farm Mutual Insurance - Program Underwriter
EE Reed Construction - Raffle  Underwriter
Carpenter & Carpenter - Pen Underwriter

Adjecta Technologies
Adrienne Barker and Brian Dodson
Fort Bend History Association
Fort Bend Herald
Chris and Kathy Keene
PCT 1 Commissioner Vincent Morales
Angela Parker
HR In Alignment
BrightSpot Creative
Si Environmental
Jack Booker
Priti Singh
Harris Machine Tools
Houston Diamond Outlet/Maggy & Jay Horgan
Colleen Migl
Shannon and Mike Bloesch
Beasley Tire
Rep. Rick Miller  
Sandra and Bill Billingsley
Paul and Gena Horak