Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To improve family, community, and professional lives through adult literacy education.

Our Vision

To empower adults through literacy programs, including basic literacy, ESL (English as a Second Language), GED preparation, US citizenship preparation, transitions to
post-secondary education and basic computer skills, while raising community awareness and expanding outreach initiatives. 

Our Core Values


Medical Business Office Professional students hard at work.

Medical Business Office Professional students hard at work.

“I want to thank everyone for helping me in all my classes even though I don’t speak and write the American Language as I would like to. In short words, I have had and still have the best experience at the Literacy Council.”– LCFBC Student

Our Story

It all started around a kitchen table in 1987.

A few committed individuals recognized the crippling effect of illiteracy and how teaching reading, writing, and speaking skills could change people's lives by opening to them, a world of opportunity.

Their vision became Literacy Volunteers of Fort Bend County, later Literacy Council of Fort Bend County (LCFBC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating illiteracy in our community.

Since the 1987 inception of the Literacy Council of Fort Bend County, over 3,000 volunteers have donated more than 550,000 hours of their personal time to tutor more than 25,000 adult learners. This equates to more than $17 million being given back to the community in donated services, using the minimum rate of $25 per hour charged by private tutors.